Welcome!  Here you’ll find free printable LDS instrumental, choral, and solo, and children’s arrangements that were created to share my belief in Jesus Christ.  Feel free to explore-I hope you find something you like!

15 thoughts on “Home

  1. I am hoping my kids can learn your diet of Baptism for their sisters special day. It would really help them if they could hear it. Do you have a recording of the duet?


  2. We have a recorder band consisting of 1 sopranino, 2 soprano, 2 alto, 1 tenor and a 1 bass recorder. We play within our family for togetherness and our own entertainment with the possibility of an occasional ward performance. I would like to use your song, “Love is Spoken Here/Families Can Be Together Forever” in our band. It would require making some adjustments to fit the instruments we have but at the same time stating faithful to the music as written. There would be no vocals. The band score would not be shared or published.

    We are interested to know if that is permissible?


  3. Thank you Jenny, our choir, including children, sang your version of Love is Spoken Here and Families Can Be together Forever, for our ward conference today It was such an easy song to put together in a short time. The children especially loved it. It brought a lovely spirit to the meeting. Thanks once again. Irene Young, Heritage Park Ward, Queensland, Australia


  4. My friend is singing your arrangement of “How Firm a Foundation” for an upcoming multi stake fireside. It’s only 2 weeks away, and she would love to find a recording to listen to. Is there anything available. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music and testimony of Christ!


  5. My daughter is hoping to sing your beautiful arrangement of how firm a foundation for a multi stake youth fireside. Do you have a recording with the vocals we could use for practice?


  6. What is the I Know that My Redeemer Lives/I know Heavenly Father Loves Me arrangement mentioned on your site from a past Women’s session?


  7. Hi Jenny! I’m loving your sweet arrangement of Love is Spoken Here/Families Can Be Together Forever. Do you have it available in a lower key for a vocal duet I’m putting together? If not, I can manually enter it all into my software program for music but it’s a pain in the tail and I thought I’d ask before I go to the trouble hahaha!!!!


  8. Hello, I’m Claire, I’m the member from Gaoxiong Taiwan, the beautiful small island in Asia, in our stake conference we want to sing “Love is spoken here”, and we found this beautiful sheet music that you share with everyone, so just want to thank you for your amazing talent.


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