Sheet Music


My Heavenly Father Loves Me

A full choir arrangement to this classic primary song

Away in a Manger – How Great the Wisdom and the Love

A contrasting medley of a simple Christmas tune with a beloved sacrament hymn (SATBB)

Turn Your Hearts (2-part w/violin)

Traditional text in a new, peaceful setting


Love at Home – Cannon in D

Love at Home – Cannon in D (Violin only)

A piano and violin duet featuring a peaceful classical song (*A 2007 LDS Church Music Submission Award Special Recognition Recipient)

Baptism Duet

A piano duet specifically written with an easy primo (top part) and harder secondo (bottom part). Simple enough for a budding pianist to perform at a baptism along side a more advanced player. (*A 2015 LDS Church Music Submission Award Special Recognition Recipient)

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Lord is My Shepherd – Violin

The Lord is My Shepherd – Cello

A reverent hymn for piano, violin, and cello.  (*A 2020 Church Music Submission ‘Award of Distinction’ Recipient)

Simple Thanks

Simple Thanks-Violin

Simple Thanks-Cello

A thanksgiving medley of “Tis a Gift to be Simple” and “All Creatures of our God and King” for piano, violin, and cello

When He Comes Again

Another piano duet that features an easier primo and more advanced secondo.  I intended for this piece to have an “anticipation” feel as we wait for His second coming, as well as a sense of wonder of what it will be like.

Vocal Solos

How Firm A Foundation

A flowing arrangement for this typically “march-like” hymn

Original Hymns

Upon the Altar

Words by Michael Young, music by Jenny Garlock

Dear Mourner, Dry Your Tears

Words by Michael Young, music by Jenny Garlock

Come to the Temple

Words by Michael Young, music by Jenny Garlock

Good and Faithful Servants

Words by Michael  Young, music by Jenny Garlock

The Final Dispensation

Words by Michael Young, music by Jenny Garlock

Children’s Music (Primary)

The Light I Want to Shine

An original song that helps children understand the importance of sharing their light with others, especially the light of Jesus Christ.

Love is Spoken Here/Families Can Be Together Forever (Original Version)

Love is Spoken Here/Families Can Be Together Forever (Simplified Version)

A medley of two songs about the family.  There is an option to have the congregation join in at the end if performing for the primary program.  Also, the original versions ends in G flat major with some big chords.  If that many flats and chords give you anxiety, click on the simplified version.

Jesus Once Was a Little Child /Tell Me the Stories of Jesus (Full Score)

Jesus Once Was a Litte Child/Tell Me the Stories of Jesus (Violin or Flute Part Only)

A simple medley of two songs about Jesus, with an optional violin or flute obbligato.

Father’s Day Medley

A simple medley of “Dearest Names”, “My Dad”, and “Fathers” (from the LDS Primary Songbook)

Mother’s Day Medley

A unique but easy medley of “Mother, Tell Me the Story”, “Love is Spoken Here”, and “Families Can Be Together Forever” (from the LDS Primary Songbook)

Then it’s Time to Pray

An original primary song about times when we need prayer in our lives. (Words by Michael Young)

The Savior Needs Me

An original primary song that helps children understand how they can help the Savior in gathering Israel.

A Testimony of My Very Own

A peppy original song to inspire children to gain (and share!) their testimonies at an early age.

The Story of Ammon

A primary song about Ammon’s missionary experiences and miracles.

Young Women


A “round” of sorts, these three hymns/primary song about light are perfect for girls camp.  Accompaniment is written for ukulele, but could be easily adapted for the guitar.

The Pineapple Song

A fun campfire song for girls camp…especially if your theme is all about pineapples!  Think “Fish and Chips and Vinegar” style. (with ukulele chords included)

Relief Society

As Sisters in Zion-Full Score

As Sisters in Zion-Flute

As Sisters in Zion-Clarinet

As Sisters in Zion-Oboe

As Sisters in Zion-Piano Only

A deluxe “accompaniment” to be performed with the congregation.  Score includes piano, flute, clarinet, and oboe, as well as the option for a soloist.  Great to use in large gatherings of women, such as ward and stake women’s events and workshops.

17 thoughts on “Sheet Music

  1. Hi,
    Several years ago my grandma passed away, and I inherited many of her CD’s as I am one of the only ones in the family who likes classical music. Among the CDs was one that simply had “Jenny Shaw Christmas” written in marker on the CD. It includes 6 piano arrangements of Christmas songs, including Away in a Manger/How Great the Wisdom and the Love, and one called Canon in D/The First Noel. I’ve searched for it in the past and never found any information until today. Is this one of your CD’s? The version of Canon in D/The First Noel is one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs that I’ve ever heard. If this is your arrangement, is there any way you could upload it to this site? If not, thanks anyway. Your arrangements on here look great, and I feel like I’ve found a hidden treasure of music.


    • Thank you Brian! I originally recorded this CD for my grandparents on a mission. Glad you like it! I’ll work on transcribing a few of these piano solos for my website. Thanks for the idea!


  2. I LOVE the”Love at Home/Canon in D” piece. I am looking forward to sharing it in sacrament meeting with my friend’s daughter playing the violin. I was wondering if you had a recording of the piano part for her to download and listen to when she practices. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent!!


  3. Hi Jenny. My ward YW group will be performing “As Sisters in Zion” at a Stake RS/YW event in a couple of weeks. We have a flutist, but we are using a violinist for the oboe part and we transposed the clarinet part for a cello. We are making do with what we have and it is sounding great! Do you have just the piano part for that song? I am struggling with turning so many pages and thought having only the piano part and not the full score would make this simpler. Thanks for such a beautiful arrangement!


  4. Hi. I am singing in a sacrament meeting and found your arrangement of “How Firm a Foundation.” I LOVE the arrangement, however, I have a very hard time hitting the high notes. I was wondering if you might be able to transpose the arrangement down to a lower key (where the highest note is a c or d?)


  5. Jenny – I am playing How Firm A Foundation for a funeral this weekend, and I’m wondering if you by chance have it in a different key?


  6. I just stumbled on to your page and the arrangements look beautiful. Do you happen to have a recording of the Full Score arrangement of “As Sisters In Zion?”


  7. Thank you for sharing your talents! I’ll be using the Father’s Day medley in a few weeks. Thanks for making this easy for me!


  8. Hi Jenny,

    I’d like to try your arrangement of the Lord is my Shepherd as a duet between French Horn and Cello. Would you mind generating a transposed part for the violin in the key of F? I can read it in C when I play on the B-flat side, but it ends up with 4 sharps on the key signature. Hopefully you have the score in software that lets you transpose automatically. If not, don’t worry and I’ll try transposing it myself.



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